Creative Jewelry Display Ideas

Is your jewelry placed in a practical, but boring jewelry box? Or is it that you don’t wear them, just ’cause it’ll take all the time in this world to find the one that goes on your attire? We know that the jewelry display stands available in stores, or online are a great deal to buy. With these clever jewelry storage ideas, you can let your rocks sparkle like true decorative objects!

With our tips, the simple wooden boxes would get transformed into real treasure chests, and small hooks and branches would become sparkling displays. Even a mere umbrella could do the trick for you!

Bangles and Bracelets
Have you hung your bangles on a belt hanger in your wardrobe, but they were a bit hard to get to? Or is it that your bangles are jumbled together in a drawer? You wanted to organize them, but couldn’t think of how. We have creative suggestions for you.

Are you not wearing your jewelry because it’s not displayed? The idle bottles will solve that problem! A simple bottle can make bracelets and watches so attractive to see, yet organized!

Your bangles have a decorative task and not just on your wrist. Because the beautiful and colorful pieces can decorate vases too.

Earrings, Rings, and Broaches

Some DIY jewelry storage ideas can be so simple, yet elegant. All you have to do is take a pillow or cushion, and pin your earrings and broaches on it. Or if you have a lovely pair of stilettos that you don’t wear often, it can be used as a display.

It doesn’t rain all the year, does it? What do you do with the idle or worn-off umbrellas? Yes, it’s our next “making the best from waste” idea.


A tailor’s bust can transform your room into a designer’s studio.

Any antiques that you have at your home, like those wooden tree branches, can be transformed into a jewelry tree.

Practically any household object can be turned into a work of jewelry art, like a hanger or cheese grater. If you have a wooden hanger, small silver hooks (found at hardware stores) can be attached to hang necklaces from. If you have an unused cake stand or ceramic bowls at home, you can place your necklaces in it.

You also get those decorative jewelry boxes now. But in case you’re interested in making your own, just get any wooden box that has sufficient drawers or shelves to fit your jewelry, and decorate them with glitter laces or sparklers.

Other Display Options

Want all the accessories in one place? You can simply place your gems in the shelves, or it can be racks too as shown in the image below.

If you have an additional closet, just tuck in your accouterments.
Ideas for a Jewelry Store

The Classic Version!

Jewelry stores can make the use of neck busts and mannequins beautifully, for presenting jewelry. Silk scarfs, artificial flowers, etc., can be added to enhance the view.

The Customized Version!

Stores can also dedicate separate sections for each jewel, like using different hand mannequins for displaying bracelets, and those for displaying rings.

Well, if you ask us, we would go for an all-rounder like this:

Storing your accessories doesn’t have to be only functional, it can be fashionable too! We hope that you liked these innovative ways to pomp your jewelry.